The animals at Rainbow Wood Farm, Bath.

Passionate about our farming, both James and I are from farming families and share a love of animals, the countryside and rural living.

Bed and Breakfast guests are welcome to watch farm activities at work and, if available, James is also very happy to give our guests tours of the farm.

Our precious cows

We keep 2 main breeds of cattle:


A very attractive blonde bread of cattle, originally from France, highly popular in the UK due to its growth potential.

Welsh black

A rare bread, they are what they say on the tin, welsh, black and produce an excellent tasting meat.

Our special sheep - Rainbow Wood Farm

Our special sheep

We have a range of breads of sheep, but our two most popular are Sulfock and Texals.

Both breads are chosen for their strong maternal instincts, producing well finished grass fed lambs.

Our cheeky pigs

We keep rare bread Gloucester old spot pigs. A lovely natured attractive looking pig, sporting a white coat with black spots.

Think of a friendlier version of Cruella devil! They are a large pig with a long back, so ideal for making great bacon and large hams.

Our happy hens

They are a combination of breads and attractive colours. All of which are kept, free range, in a field with free range hen huts, where they happily roam and are regularly rotated to fresh grass.

I grew up on a farm with 3000 hens and have tasted a lot of eggs, but I can safely say Rainbow Wood Farm free range eggs are the best I have ever tasted – making the most eggcellent Victoria sponges!

Our lovely doggies

Black and White Boarder Collie, Bobby and Border terrier/ patterdale Pip are very important members of the Rainbow wood team.

Bobby works hard with James to steer the sheep; meanwhile pip works hard on greeting guests and sunbathing in the courtyard! Both incredibly friendly dogs who love children and are special members of the family.

About Rainbow Wood Farm

Rainbow Wood Farm is a 300 acre working farm, bed & breakfast, farm produce shop and seasonal Christmas barn. The farm is full of the character that you would expect of a 17th century Georgian dwelling.

The centre of the city of Bath is just a few minutes away but there are also many other attractions close by. The farm is adjacent to Rainbow Wood and the National Trust Bath Skyline walk. Across the road is the University of Bath with many of its sport facilities open to the public, including an Olympic-size swimming pool.

The American Museum and Prior Park Gardens are close by while a short drive away are Iford Manor, The Courts Gardens in Holt and Great Chalfield Manor.