Last night was a wild night of wind and rain on the farm as storm Imogen swept through the trees and buildings at a great pace.

We lost a long standing farm member and conversely gained a new one..Fallen Beech tree Fallen Beech tree 3

Sadly, the winds took down a this beautiful old 56ft Beech tree at the bottom of the garden. The tall bushy Beech had had a long and sheltering life on the farm but last night broke at her knees taking a bit of Garden wall with her roots!

However, just 35 meters away on the other side the garden in a pen, our first calf of the season was being born (with a lot of help from James!). Let me introduce you to Guinness, son of James’s favourite cow affectionately known as Worthington.

Guinness is a healthy and strong bull calf with great markings, fathered by the aptly named Hurricane (a Charolais bull all the way from Stirling, pictured below).

Born on the night of storm Imogen and son of Hurricane the bull, I think Guinness is destined to be a big strong boy! Isn’t he a beauty? 🙂